Oxygen levels in your tank how important is it for your pet fish

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How important is oxygen to your fish ?
the answer is; very important. because your pet ornamental fish really need enough oxygen levels in the tank. many hobbies do not know about this, sometimes they are not sensitive to this of course.
hopefully this article can be useful especially for ornamental fish hobbyists.
here are 3 ways that can increase oxygen levels in water, namely :

  1. Temperature: when the water temperature is lower, the oxygen content in the water will also be greater. This can be felt when we drink cold water then we will feel fresher.
  2. Pressure: oxygen molecules can enter between the spaces of water molecules by forcing through a high pressure. This must certainly be done with the correct method so that oxygen levels are also not excessive.
  3. The purity of the water also affects the solubility of oxygen because pure water will allow more dissolved oxygen in it.
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