Make no mistake in choosing therapy fish

not all types of fish can be used as therapy fish,of course, therapy fish are different from ornamental fish. Wrong choosing the right therapy fish you are dealing with the risk of being bitten or other problems. In general, only one type of therapeutic fish is commonly used for various therapies in your home. let’s see the discussion below.
because fish therapy itself there are 2 types so be careful in choosing and buying Yes.

  1. Fish Therapy Nilem Mangut
    this type of fish is a native Indonesian therapeutic fish! Nilem mangut therapy fish is a fish that is actually quite easy to find in the waters of Java, Sumatra, to Kalimantan.
    A distinctive feature of the therapy fish is that it has a branched bone section with a fairly long fin on the back, which reaches 18.5 centimeters. The snout of this type of therapy fish is also hard because the lips are like covered with another layer of skin, and have small teeth in the mouth.
    this type of therapy fish is not recommended for use in spa therapy, because this fish can actually cause injuries to the skin because of the teeth on the fish
  1. Therapeutic Fish Turkish Garra Rufa
    This is the most popular type of therapeutic fish used. Garra rufa therapy fish is a fish that is actually more commonly found in the Middle East to the rivers of Turkey. However, its habitat is also in the Asian region, Indonesia is no exception.
    Garra rufa therapy fish species that are found in Indonesia are gara borneensis, rasbora, and Sumatran fish. Take it easy, this type of therapy fish will not bite your feet when you put it in the pond because garra rufa fish are plant eaters.

After reading this article, do not choose the wrong fish for your therapy..
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