Getting to know the Black Ghost Fish or Knife Fish

The black ghost fish is a species of fish native to the Amazon River, South America. Its body looks similar to chicken feathers, has a solid black body, and has lower fins that are frayed when moved like a ghost cloak, so it is named the “black ghost fish
Blackghost fish can survive for 15 years by eating various types of small animals such as bloodworms, black worms and small shrimp.
Black ghost is a fish that has many jaws and spines. Warrna dense black body makes this fish called black ghost. Another characteristic is that there are some streaks or white lines on the tail and a white line from the forehead to the chin (neck)

Blackghost fish belong to the group of aquatic animals that can produce electrical energy such as electric eels and electric catfish. However, the flow of electricity produced by blackghost fish is very weak and is only used as a means of communicating with each other, not to protect themselves from predators.
One interesting fact of black ghost fish is that they swim in the opposite direction to find food. Swimming in the reverse direction is used as an attempt to assess and pounce on prey. The food of the black ghost fish itself is insect larvae.
Black ghost has a calm, kind nature, and does not like to disturb other fish. The original Habitat of this fish is in the Amazon River where this fish during the day prefers to hide in rocks, leaves, plant roots, or other objects on the riverbed.

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