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Caring for Black Ghost Fish

How to maintain the Black Ghost is quite simple. in a day it is enough to feed 2 times, morning and evening. Eating it is not very difficult, red worms (blood worms) they accept it. Another thing to consider in caring for the black ghost is water. The water needed by him is water with a pH of 7, and clear. Then the aquarium water should be replaced every 5 days by using ground water (well) that has been deposited in advance for 24 hours with an aerator, or mineral water that has been deposited for 3 days.

this fish is very happy dark, in addition to being given an aerator, the aquarium should also be fitted with accessories if you want to keep the black ghost. The function of accessories here, in addition to beautify the atmosphere of the aquarium, also as a hiding place for the Black Ghost during the day. And better yet, avoid choosing accessories that have a striking color for the fish. Look for wood that is black like mangrove roots, or rocks that are black. Bright or bright colors, not favored by this fish, because the Black ghost vision is not too strong to withstand the Rays and bright colors, such as red and yellow.

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